4×4 off road


If you own an off-road vehicle and your wish is to know Istria in a different way, let us

help you turning your wish into reality.

Our Vehcile Jeep Wrangler

We are situated in Roč where every off-road trips starts

from. This is a small, quiet Glagolitic town about 10 kilometres from Buzet and 15 kilometres

from Slovenia – the border crossing of Požane. Every trip is organized according to your wishes.

Each excursion is a different story. Trips around nature consist of visiting northern Istria,

our small hill towns and the beauties with a slightly unexplored, different twist. We need to state

that our outings are by no means extreme, just a cross country drive along the wood and

macadam roads usually unused by local traffic, but enough a challenge to explore and discover.

We offer you several choices and you are the ones who make a decision which trip to

take. If you wish to stay for more days, we recommend our house – apartment where you will

feel like home. The welcoming hosts are at your disposal to make your visit as enjoyable as

possible. It is possible to organize a rich gourmet visit to one of the famous taverns serving local

food or perhaps a picnic in the wonderful, picturesque nature.

On our way we can stop on the slopes of the Ćićarija ridge which offer astounding views

all the way to the sea. Do you wish to take a swim? We do not offer the sea but just 5 kilometres

away from Roč there is a little place – Kotli where you can bathe in natural pools and visit old


You can visit Roč – the Glagolitic centre, hum – the smallest town in the world, quiet and

unspoilt Ćićarija and many other places. Throughout the trip you will be accompanied by our

guide, ready to help in any situation and prepared to show you the beauties of our region in the

best possible way.

If you arrive to Croatia by public transport (airplane, bus or train), we can organize

transfer and take you to an unforgettable adventure!


There are really numerous options possible and if you want, we can even organize

extreme off road on a training ground.


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  1. franz
    Feb 18, 2012 @ 21:17:51

    ja sam franz from istrialand.eu (camelus doo tour operator 4×4 buje).
    I’m in the photo, my car is the last one!

    vidimo se!
    franz, buje
    (moja voditelja poslovnice speaks croatian, io parlo italiano, poco croato)