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Apartment Dolores

Roč – the town of the Sun, birds and good-natured people. Find out for yourselves how

true this statement really is. Roč, a town rich with history and of great cultural importance, is

situated on a hill surrounded by medieval walls which protect its Roman collection of stone

monuments, three churches and many other treasures. Once a Glagolitic centre, today it is also

famous for its Glagolitic academy and a frescoe workshop in which you can test your

frescoe painting skills. Roč has a Primary School, a playground, a Post office, a shop, cafes and

a tavern where you can rest while enjoying typical Istrian food looking at the beautiful gardens

bursting with flowers.

If you take the road below Roč, make a turn towards Hum. This path is famous as

a unique complex dedicated to the Glagolitic alphabet and its masters, showing 11 stone

monuments – the Glagolitic Alley. Stop in front of each one of them and take a journey back into

the past. Once you reach the village of Brnobići, make it right and after just a few kolometres,

Roč from Apartment

you will arrive at the hamnet of Kotli. Until recently completely abandoned, today it is a

favourite picnic spot through which the River Mirna flows and with its cascades creates pools

into the limestone in which you can even take a bath. Trust us, it is the real place to rest your

body and soul! After your rest, turn back towards Brnobići and continue your way in the direction

of Hum, stopping by each Glagolitic stone monument. Driving along the curvy road, you will

get to Hum. Hum is the smallest town in the world! First of all, sit down and rest under the old

chestnut trees, feasting your eyes on the beautiful surrounding area – towering hills, sleepy

valleys and the Mount Učka. Let your feet take you into this charming little town through the

gate which lead into tiny, narrow streets. Visit the town church as well as the Church of St.

Jeronimo on the graveyard, to see its frescoes. Do not miss the town gallery Imela where you can

buy local produce and souvenirs.

Buzet – the biggest town in the area, is about 9 kilometres away from Roč. There you will

find a clinic, a Post office, banks, shops and all other facilities any urban centre has. If you decide

to visit Buzet, take a walk along the old, narrow streets of its historical part situated on the hill,

overlooking the whole valley.

The sea – Opatija, Rabac, Rovinj, Poreč, Umag etc. These are famous coastal towns all

within a 40-minute drive from Roč.


This part of Istria is interesting throughout the year. If you come in Spring, the beginning

of April, we will gladly take you asparagus picking. It grows locally and it is extremely healthy

and tasty.

You can tour round Istria by bicycle and try the famous Istrian wines along the Wine

Paths, stroll in the beautiful, unspoilt nature or hike on the slopes of the Ćićarija ridge.

This is the right place for extreme sports fans. In the vicinity of Roč there is a paragliding

centre Raspadalica. Freeclimbing enthusiasts can try the cliffs of Kompanj where there are about

30 lines ranging from easy to more demanding ones. Our regular guests claim it is one of the best

in Europe as you can climb throughout the year, thanks to the mild climate.

Fans of hunting will also find their fun here. We can get you in touch with the Roč

hunting association which is very active in the area. All it takes is to go for a walk in the nearby

woods and meadows to observe the doe and deer, pheasants or hare.

If your wish is to learn to prepare a typical Istrian dish, homemade bread or a minestone,

for example, your hosts will happily teach you.

We hope we have managed to tickle your imagination intrigue you into coming to visit us.

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Offer in apartment

The house is situated in a quiet location, in a new settlement outside the walls

Old Town Roc.

The apartment is in a family house with private parking and

separate entrance.

It consists of a fully equipped kitchen (stove, oven, refrigerator, utensils

food storage, microwave, coffee maker, dish towels ….), dining room, living room, satellite TV, wireless , bathroom (towels, hair dryer) and a covered terrace with a beautiful

view of the countryside and nature.

The house has central heating and air conditioning and is suitable for summer and winter.